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The Greek geographer Strabo mentions in 50 BC a town of the Celtic Estiones named Kambodunon. This is considered the oldest written reference of any German city. In 15 BC Roman troops conquered the settlement during the Alpine campaign and named it Cambodunum, later called Kempten.

My Bio

United States

Growing up in Kempten (Allgäu), Germany, I pursued a career as a Software Developer which, at age 25, brought me to Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A. - for the very first time. Originally my stay was planned for a short time for business reasons only. Having a deep passion for nature & animals, I fell in love with its beauty and spent 20 years in the wild west overseas.

Living off the Grid and earning a living as an online Web Developer/Designer, I developed deep respect for the Native Americans and a passion for their primitive survival & living skills.

During my wild adventures I kept coming across the incredible beauty of Oregon wildflowers and bought my first Bridge Camera, a 8MP Nikon Coolpix 8700, purely used in macro mode to capture their delicate and intricate beauty. My passion for photography was born. Nowadays I am using a DSLM mirrorless Canon EOR R 30.3 MP camera.

My Passion

Why Photography

Photography is a vision and art. Regardless of your skill level, capturing images has been important for history and people’s lives - they connect us to our past, they remind us of people, places, feelings, and stories.

Photography freezes memories, it captures a moment in time that we’ll be able to remember and cherish years from now. Photographs are very powerful, can be a voice, tell a story, be influential and impactful, bring awareness to the world, educate, make one think or make one feel good, appreciate beauty and be inspirational.

Images, in a very real sense, are alive. We are very visual creatures. A large percentage of the human brain dedicates itself to visual processing.

Photography helps me to express myself. It helps me to see the beauty in my everyday life, see things from a different perspective, look closer at my surroundings, develop attention to details, finding the extra-ordinary in an ordinary place.

It helps me to slow down, retreat from the daily rush of modern society, appreciate the little wonders all around us and see otherwise seemingly boring, common places with new eyes.

What I love about photography is that taking pictures is completely personal. You do not need a fancy camera or a creative background to start taking pictures and making improvements. There are endless ways to challenge yourself with photography; you can always learn something new. There is no shortage of new techniques, genres, projects, equipment, inspiration, and workshops to take in this field.

My goal is to inflict a spark of inspiration, hope, wonder and happiness to the world through images. I so often combine the miraculous intricate beauty and immense diversity of flowers, which only a higher Consciousness/Spirit/God could have created, with inspirational and spiritual Quotes.

Landscape & Architectural

Fine Art Photography

I have always had a deep passion for our awe-inspiring nature and learned to appreciate the architectural wonders of churches, castles and other marvelous monuments created by men.

Ideally their placement is harmonious amidst a natural surrounding.

The same quality of perfection and balance as seen in nature and architecture, I try to implement into my own works of Art with Fine Art Photography.

Influential People's

Inspirational Quotes

I love to share positive, spiritual and inspirational messages in combination with my flower close-up photographs. I offer them as postcards, calendar, photo-books or any other sizes as part of a collection or as single print.

Creative Solutions

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