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I offer Fine Art Photography & Print for:
  • tourist centers, galleries, medical offices, hospitals, companies, and publications.
  • work closely with models, business people and individuals.
  • personalized service for commercial and personal use.
I offer high quality fine art prints in any size:
  • standard, posters, wallpapers, photo books, postcards, and more.
  • on paper, canvas, acrylic and all kinds of printing stock.
  • with individual framing choices.
  • as digital media for personal preference.
Inspired by the Subject

Passion for Excellence

Excellence is born when the right circumstances get together: an artist with the will to be at the right location, the passion to be there under the right conditions, a vision in mind - even if still in the subconscious -, and the right amount of luck.


I personally like natural portraits in natural settings and enjoy the challenge of working with natural available light.

Flower Macro

I share a deep passion for the intricate, godly, delicate and immense diverse beauty of Flower Close-Up Photography.


My favorite time for Cityscape Photography is the Golden Hour after sunrise and before sunset and the Blue Hour before sunrise and after sunset.


I see myself as a sensitive and spiritual person and like to depict emotional sacred subjects.


Nature with its immense beauty, serenity, wonders, endless secrets, remarkable variety makes it a mystical experience.

Food & Drink

Most of my food & drink photography is in cooperation with the great local Food Stylist/Designer Livis Kitchen.
I love a wide perspective

Panorama Photography

I used to create online 360° panoramic and 360° x 180° panospheric (panoramic-spherical) Virtual Tours which required a special Media Player for viewing. Nowadays, my passion completely lies with wide format panoramic photography for print.

Allgäu Riviera - Hopfen am See

Web Design

As a former professional Web & Graphic Designer I do offer complete Web Services to my Photography Clients only.

Graphic Design

For my Photography Clients I offer Graphic Design for Sedcards, Logo Design, Brochures, Business Cards, and more.

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Personal Coaching

On request I offer Photography Coaching.

Fine Art Photography

I specialize in Fine Art Photography and Fine Art Print of the highest quality. Every high resolution Photo is being printed on high quality Photo Paper. Fine art print is a very high quality print – of the same quality that a museum or gallery would print artwork for display.

Paper for Fine Art Prints

The paper used for fine art prints is acid-free. It’s the acid in photographic papers that causes photographs to discolour and crack over time, so using acid-free papers helps to ensure your print lasts a lifetime.

Interestingly, the same goes for the mats that your photographs are mounted on to – if these contain acid they will yellow much more quickly.

Inks for Fine Art Prints

Just as photographic papers are not all created equal, nor are the printers used to make prints. Fine art prints are printed using high end equipment, which have a much broader colour spectrum than standard printers. These printers have 8 -12 different coloured inks, which they can mix together to create millions of different colors. The result is that the colours in your print will be much more accurate and true to the original image more than if you had printed it with a standard printer.

Visual and Creative Publications

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